Darts or darts? How do professionals say?

The number of dart fans is steadily growing, although there are still a few of us in Poland. Why? We’ve known darts for a long time! Well … we know the darts, but still, hardly anyone knows that the professional name of the popular game of darts is the dart.
There is one Pole among us who showed fans what to get to by throwing darts to the shield. Krzysztof Ratajski, whose skirmishes in the European Championship 2018 we wrote earlier, plays today in the prestigious PDC organization. Mr. Krzysztof would certainly not say that he plays darts!

Darts game – darts to the target – verbal skirmishes with a dart in the lead role.

Rzutki is the name of a serious sport discipline derived from pop culture, which is a dart. The game of darts is a much better term than darts – someone who plays darts is not a dart, professionals laugh. But really – each name leads to one: until you break away from reality, give up all your worries and focus completely on one – an accurate throw straight to the point.
Importantly, it doesn’t take a lot, because only a piece of free space in a room and some free space on the wall to hang the shield. Where did the darts come from?

Many people used to say darts when darts are placed in the target. You may even think about the name of the discipline, because how do you call it “playing darts”?
In English, we use the word darts, which we borrowed from our native dictionary in the form: dart. Darts is also the correct name of a popular game. However, darts already affect the level of knowledge and skills of players – certainly, someone who plays darts has no contact with a professional dart. Try to even find a championship in darts or European meeting of dart players – you will certainly encounter some problems in this task. In addition to darts, there are even worse phrases such as arrows, arrow, darts, darts. We recommend you forget that such words have any connection with sport and darts.  

Darts are about throws – you can’t hide it!

Playing darts itself is not complicated, and by the way, you can lick some math by adding points or planning your throws to finish the game going down from 501 points. It is not only just being around the shield, but also interacting with opponents, as well as training in self-discipline and concentration.
The rules are simple even for middle-aged children and no one should have problems with their learning. If you do not know the rules of the game of dartboard, check out our article, which is a simple and logical way presents the rules of the greatest game -> Dart-game-rules

Get equipment adequate for your skills. You don’t know what to choose? Contact us, we will gladly tell you which flights to start with. But first, start deleting words from your dictionary: darts, arrows, darts!

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