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Dart must have accessories

Additional dart accessories – are they necessary? The answer is yes. With a dartboard and shuttlecocks, you certainly have the most important things. Without it, you will not start training and adventure with darts.However, it is worth remembering to buy some smaller but very important dart accessories. I write this from my own experience (I have been playing dartsContinue reading “Dart must have accessories”

The world of dart in the face of coronavirus

The outbreak of the coronavirus completely turned the world upside down. You can not freely go outside, movement is difficult, we have many restrictions. It can be said that coronavirus has affected everything. So it is with our beloved discipline or dart. It can be said that from large stages and arenas filled with shields, darts moved into domestic seclusion. From theContinue reading “The world of dart in the face of coronavirus”

Dart game rules – how to play darts and how to throw darts to the dartboard ?

To explain the rules of the game of dart, we will look at the most popular type of game, which is dart 501. Played at the world championships and local tournaments, it is popular with professionals and beginners. How to start playing darts, how to count points, and how to end the game? Rules of playing darts 501 –Continue reading “Dart game rules – how to play darts and how to throw darts to the dartboard ?”

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